11 tips for working from home and keeping a routine

by | Mar 28, 2020

It’s a strange time for everyone at the moment. As we all try to adapt to this new normality that sees the majority of workers across many industries working from the safety and comfort of their own homes, we also see a lot of colleagues taking the government backed Furlough scheme, meaning they now have a lot more time on their hands.

Here at Redfish, we had a think about how we can work from home and still feel productive, and have put together 11 handy tips for working from home and developing a new routine…

1. Get out of bed and ready for the day

It sounds simple but getting up at the same time as you usually would on a standard weekday will help you keep in a routine. Use the time that you’d usually spend commuting to get on top of the odd jobs you’d usually leave until the evening, like washing the pots, meal prep or tidying around the house. That way, your evenings can be spent how they should be – relaxing on the sofa, watching a film and spending quality time with your family.

2. Stay active

It can be so easy to spend the day sat down, especially when you’re working from home. Take advantage of government guidelines and go for a walk, run or cycle each day. Not only is it good for your physical health, but also your mind. It can be difficult to be told to stay indoors every day. There are also many ways to keep active by following home workouts online or using household items to create your own exercise routine.

3. Create a home office

Sitting on your sofa, or in bed, with your laptop might seem like the dream scenario, but are you really going to be your most productive there? Yes, it’s comfortable, and no, you probably won’t have this much time around the house working again (unless you work from home regularly), but it’s well worth setting up an area where you can work each day. Ideally, transform a room that you don’t use very often into a home office so that you can shut the door on work as you leave for the evening, keeping that well needed work/life balance in play.

4. Make a start on the to-do list you always push aside

If you’re on leave from work, it’s the perfect time to get all those odd-jobs around the house done that you’ve been putting off for so long. Touching up the skirting boards, Spring cleaning, changing that lightbulb you’ve been meaning to for months – now is the time! You could even decorate that room you’ve wanted to do for so long!

5. Keep in contact with friends, family and colleagues

Being away from your friends and family can be difficult at any time, but right now you probably can’t think of anything you’d rather do that have a cup of tea with your mum or meet up with your friends for a drink in the pub. Whether you use FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or Houseparty, there are so many ways to keep in contact. Check in on people as much as possible – you never know how much they might be struggling. In terms of work, it’s a great idea to have a morning catch up with the full team to make sure everyone knows what is going on that day and to keep in contact about different projects that you’re still working on.

6. Develop skills and train in something new

Day-to-day, our work life can be extremely hectic. With deadlines to meet, you can sometimes get lost in the ‘now’ and stop thinking about the future. Take some time out to develop a new skill or train up on a program that you use but could certainly use better. We don’t often have much time on our hands, so use it wisely!

7. Find a new hobby

It’s easy to forget about hobbies that you used to enjoy, or believe you no longer have the “time” to take up a new one. However, during the lockdown, a hobby could be the escapism that we all need right now. Whether it’s playing an instrument, yoga, painting, sewing or gardening, as long as it is in your own home, with the people that you live with, embrace the time you have now before normality sinks in again.

8. Have a sort out

There are probably so many corners and cupboards in your house that could really do with a good sort out – now is the perfect time! Whether it’s the ‘Monica from Friends’-style cupboard under the stairs, or even your wardrobe, sorting and clearing out things you no longer use will leave you feeling cleansed and organised. At work during downtime, get rid of the paperwork that has been sat on your desk unused for the last year or so. On your computer, sort your email folders, delete documents you no longer need and get rid of all your downloads to free up some space.

9. Binge watch a series

There are so many great series out there that you often hear people talk about in the office, or on social media, but have never got around to watching yourself. Make a list and make a start! Whether it’s an ITV drama that you didn’t watch at the time, or it’s an eight-season long sitcom that you’ve always wanted to see, set some time aside in your day to relax.

10. Plan your evenings – and make them fun

With restrictions in place anyway to make sure we’re using the supermarkets and shops for essentials only, make sure you stock up (not bulk buy!) on all of your favourite foods and plan what to eat as a family every evening. If it’s something you all love, you can look forward to cooking together, teaching your children new life skills and eating your favourite dinner, then plan a fun activity for the evening, whether that be a board game, a film or a walk together.

11. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Times are difficult for everyone at the minute, and if you do feel lonely, anxious or worried, it is completely normal. Make sure you are open and honest with your family and help each other through an incredibly uncertain time. Remember to pick up the phone whenever you can – we’re all in the same boat.

And that’s it – our tips for working from home and staying productive during this uncertain time.

If you are worried about your business, and need help going digital throughout the Covid-19 process, Redfish are business as usual (apart from us all social distancing and working from home!). Just give us a call or drop us an email.

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