Insights and Analytics

Pre-built insights will change your perspective and our easy-to-use dashboards make informed decision-making simple

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Measure Acquisition costs, Retention costs and Lifetime Value across channels to better inform your marketing campaigns is key to building year-on-year growth.
  • Segmentation
  • Campaign Reporting
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Bespoke Dashboards
  • Data Mining & Insights
  • Third-Party Data Integration

Why is this important?

Online data mining generates lots of browsing insights but, with low conversion rates, has relatively low real customer transactions which undermines the ability to accurately forecast. Predictive analysis allows you to have relative certainty about your marketing activity and be sure that every pound is spent wisely.

Our Approach

Data-driven marketing is as only as good as the data it is based upon. Our investment in customer profiling and proximity data means clients have a much richer dataset upon which to base marketing decisions.


  • Adding geo-demographic data to cohorts enriches data with customer profiles
  • Localised marketing dramatically enhanced
  • Top customer profiles provide source for more prospective customers
  • Traditional ‘door drop’ acquisition delivers better response rates and lower costs through use of the environment
  • Market penetration increased

Persona Profile

  • Adding Persona profiles further enhances datasets
  • Target marketing enhanced as preferences become clearer
  • Segmentation strategies improved
  • Better responses arise from better insights

Why Response Works

Tested to over 10 million customer data records, securely held on scalable data retrieval and processing cloud services

Pre-built insights configured for clients to make the process of data mining and action simpler
No change in channel providers simplifies integration
Mobile wallet Acquisition and Retention at agreed fixed costs
Loyalty-based promotions driven centrally online and instore

5 Key Components

that will help you transform your marketing ROIs and perceptions of your brand too!

Insights & Analytics

Pre-built Insights will change your perspectives and it's end user UX interface will make it easy to action.

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Omni-Channel & mobile

Leading provider of digital loyalty, driving mobile engagement

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Customer Data Platform

The fundamental building block for a single customer view to give insight across all channels, with richer data ‘out of the box’.

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Deliver higher conversions with a suite of tools that enable relevent and timely response - no more irrelevent messages.

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Loyalty programmes are transforming how brands are perceived and, with our enabling tools, can be so much more than just points.

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Our rewards loyalty programme has been key to sustaining our customer engagement and growth, however it has been overly driven by a costly mailing. A differing strategy that uses Redfish’s loyalty app is allowing us to reduce our dependency on mailings and acquire new customers digitally. The loyalty app has engaged both our older and younger customer base, delivering better responses than any other media and with a great ROI. It is proving to be central to our business transformation.

Nick Haydon

Garden Centre Managing Director
Fakenham Garden Centre

Over the last seven years Redfish Group have helped us develop and build our online business from 7% of sales to just over 50%. Their robust, innovative and service orientated approach has been critical to our success.

Craig Elwell

Head of E-Commerce
Express Gifts

Mike is the owner of Redfish a dedicated online marketing and systems integration firm. He is probably the best online marketeer I have come across. Extremely commercial rather than flowery and knows his stuff.

Trevor Parker

CEO Planet X & Seneca Partners Investment Board member

Redfish Group have been a great service to us over the last 4.5 years building our online brand, improving conversion performance and enabling us to stand on our own two feet with confidence

Jolyon Martin

Managing Director
Chessington Garden Centre

Within only 6 months of introducing Loyalty we grew the database at our new Bexleyheath store to over 20,000 and loyalty customers at our flagship store Elys contributed to more than 40% of sales. These results would not have been possible without the Redfish Group and their technology. They have supported us with the development and implementation of loyalty, marketing campaigns and enabled more effective use of our marketing budget.

Ross Cartwright

Buying & Marketing Director
Morleys Stores Group

Our first project with Redfish Group was to commission a consumer usability test. The unique approach taken by Redfish Group to the application of analytics, focus groups and online shopping expertise allowed us to see how we can improve the performance of our web site – the recommendations implemented to date have shown a definite increase in conversion. We intend to continue working with Redfish Group as we continue to improve the performance of our website - they are a great team.

Vicki Owen

Marketing Director
Cotswold Outdoor

We used Response Works to meet the demanding business of online conveyancing. The platform, which was proven in the retail sector, was adapted to our needs including an automated capability to prioritise calls, personalised email follow ups and intelligent chat. These bespoke features have enabled us to respond to growing online demand without increasing costs and convert more leads to contract. The team have been highly responsive and adaptive to our needs, providing us with a great customer experience.

Neal Preece

eCommerce Director
My Home Move Conveyancing

Response Works enabled us to measure, track and analyse the response to our New Look marketing programme. This level of insight was invaluable enabling us to tailor our marketing approach to deliver the best result possible. Our initial investment was recovered within months and we know that our customers are now shopping more frequently increasing their overall contribution to the business significantly.

Natalie Sabel

Digital & Loyalty Marketing Manager
Landmark Group- New Look

The Redfish Teams ‘best practice’ approach has enabled us to not only improve our brand perception but through great design increased our conversion rate and enabling us, through their Shopify expertise, to set us on a course of becoming an international brand. Definitely recommend them.

Toby Brittain

Managing Director
Whites Beaconsfield

The Customer Experience (CX) ‘first’ approach taken by Redfish Group meant that within three months of taking ownership for our advertising, improvements had been made to the site that resulted in conversion increasing by circa 20% and though optimisation and focus improved ROIs of PPC and Organic reducing CPAs to an even greater degree. Moreover, within the next six months they had increased sales by 37% to the highest levels that had ever been achieved.
Very focussed and delivered what they had promised. I cannot speak more highly of them.

Tom Horton

Managing Director
The Insurance Surgery

The robust approach taken by Redfish Group to improving our organic rankings and turnaround the profitability of our Paid Search advertising has meant we have more than doubled our leads within a 6-month period. Don’t be fooled into selecting an agency based upon what they have done for others, select an agency based upon promises they make for you. Very responsive and highly recommended.

Dan Fallows

Managing Director
Gorilla Accounting

We guarantee a minimum 10x Return on Investment

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