Express Gifts

Express Gifts are a leading mail order company providing bargain gifts and fashion products to the credit orientated consumer. We have delivered powerful e-commerce functionality that provides personalisation, differing methods of product presentation and management of their fast moving product lines in addition to providing creative, rich media content and marketing services. A greater proportion of the Express Gifts customer base now shop online more frequently.

Over the last seven years Redfish have helped us develop and build our online business from 7% of sales to just over 40%. They always make decisions based on our business’s best interests and while working closely together have been instrumental in helping our website deliver an above average conversion rate.

Craig Elwell

Head of E-Commerce, Express Gifts

Technologies Applied

E-Commerce Platform
Search & Merchandising
Integration & Support
Cloud & Bespoke Hosting
Project Management

Services Delivered

Brand Design
UX Design
Cross Channel Analytics
Direct & Email Marketing
Content Services