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Personal Shopper™ is a unique and innovative CRM solution that will enable you to understand on and offline performance simultaneously. Cloud based it provides the flexibility of scale, enabling you to fully integrate all sales channels for a unified and seamless experience for your customers.

So much more than just a CRM or loyalty solution, the easy to use interface provides you with a 360 degree view of your customers empowering you and your team to manage and grow your business.

Key Features

  • Personalisation across all media – digitally and offline
  • Ability to act as a central repository for multiple and varied data sources
  • Complex analysis and data mining across all channels
  • Capability to deliver a consistent experience across multiple media channels
  • Provides strategic direction to inform business strategy
  • Real time response to changing customer habits
  • Ability to understand and optimise the customer journey digitally and in store

Why use Personal Shopper™?

  • Develop a customer engagement strategy based on REAL insight
  • Operate under the radar of the competition
  • Make accurate predictions on campaign performance
  • Improve financial performance and cost effectiveness of retention marketing
  • Develop brand loyalty and advocacy
  • Encourage multichannel engagement

Who is benefiting from Personal Shopper™?


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